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Tye Tec
Tye Tec

Tye Tec$59.00 AUD

Tye Tec NMP 261010, No moving parts, made for 5mm ropes
MWL 1000kgs,
product weight 5 grams
NMP stands for „no moving parts".
NMP blocks are designed for use in between the loop Thimble and loop block. The fixed part is spliced through the central opening or suspended, and the block is secured through the milled slots by sewing or with a simple cable tie to prevent twisting. The loose part is between the jaws of the block. The possibilities are vast, ranging from use as runners in the top of the mainsail, jibsheeting, Reefblocks or as cascade blocks or backstays and vangs.TyeTec® AlMgSi1 NMP blocks are made of aluminium, anodized and specially
treated for low friction and excellent surface protection. The blocks are characterized by high workloads and low weights.