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Techimpex are an Italian marine cooking appliance company that have been designing and manufacturing for the marine and outdoor environment for over 30 years. This is why they are one of the most popular brands in Europe for yacht production companies as well as custom built yachts.

cremoso e aromatico
cremoso e aromatico $35.00 AUD
Out of stock
Small gas burner
Small gas burner $64.00 AUD
Cooking hob XL2
Cooking hob XL2 $140.00 AUD
Oven grid tray for XL2 and XL3
Oven grid tray for XL2 and XL3 $110.00 AUD
Small burner XL2
Small burner XL2 $92.00 AUD
Small burner XL3
Small burner XL3 $86.00 AUD
Medium burner XL3
Medium burner XL3 $92.00 AUD
Out of stock
Big burner XL3
Big burner XL3 $103.00 AUD
Espresso 12
Espresso 12 $450.00 AUD
Coffee Pods- Italian
Coffee Pods- Italian $35.00 AUD
Out of stock
Thermocouple for oven burner
Thermocouple for oven burner $56.00 AUD
Cap burner medium
Cap burner medium $72.00 AUD
Enamel spill tray
Enamel spill tray $60.00 AUD
Oven Door handle
Oven Door handle $45.00 AUD
Thermo electric cell for stove
Thermo electric cell for stove $72.00 AUD
Techimpex oven turning knob
Techimpex oven turning knob $42.00 AUD
Oven door latch
Oven door latch $20.00 AUD
Oven door seal
Oven door seal $40.00 AUD
Stove burner
Stove burner $92.00 AUD
Stove top pot holders
Stove top pot holders $48.00 AUD
Stove top grill
Stove top grill $120.00 AUD
Out of stock
Thermometer $40.00 AUD