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Stopgull Air
Stopgull AirStopgull AirStopgull Air
Stopgull Air
Stopgull AirStopgull AirStopgull Air

Stopgull Air$107.00 AUD

The ultimate device to deter seagulls and coastal birds from landing on cabin top boats. It works with the action of a light breeze and can withstand winds in excess of 60 mph in its fully extended state. With its improved swivel system and securing device for navigation, there is no need to remove and/or store the StopGull Air ® after its installation. StopGull Air ® is safe, effective and versatile; and can be mounted on various parts of the vessel. StopGull Air now can be combined with hardware that facilities installation on Bimini tops and hand rails.
It can also be removed whilst you are moving to ensure that it doesnt get in your way.
It has a span of 165cm when fully extended

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