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Magic Reboard 9 step
Magic Reboard 9 stepMagic Reboard 9 stepMagic Reboard 9 step
Magic Reboard 9 step
Magic Reboard 9 stepMagic Reboard 9 stepMagic Reboard 9 step

Magic Reboard 9 step$250.00 AUD

Magic-Reboard is a rescue ladder designed to go on board alone safely.Simple to set up and use, it complies with the EN / ISO 15085 standard and the EU Directive 2013/53 / EU. It adapts to all major boat sizes.Reliable use
In case of man overboard, a cord visible even at night is accessible from the water. Pull the cord to unlock the flap pressures of the ladder storage box. The ladder then deploys automatically and at least 2 steps plunge into the water. The wide rungs with semi-rigid braces allow you to easily go up step by step while standing at the ladder uprights. Once at the bridge, you catch a fixed point on the boat and get back on board.

Fixing by lark's head,case with gaping opening,closure by flap and pressures,fluorescent strip,trigger by cord,9 steps, 2nd flap on the back of the case closed by screw / stainless steel nut 40mm.Materials :
polyester webbing ladder with semi-rigid reinforcements made of polyethylene and, high-resistance PVC case coated with 2-sided PVC,Polyethylene back and polypropylene web edge.Ref ES27295,9E,
Reinforcements of the 18 / 10th polyethylene ladder
Rescue Ladders - Magic Reboard - Rescue Ladder ES27295,9E, TA
Dimension: 27 x 295 cm Weight: 1.10 Kg

Easy to set up and use.In accordance with EN / ISO 15085 and European Directive 94/25 / EC.It adapts to all sizes of boats.It is fixed thanks to its stainless steel clevis or by matossage . Easy to set up on the side of the back candlestick, its operation is simple and safe:The rope is activated from the water and triggers the deployment of the ladder,Deployed completely, at least 2 steps dive into the water,The wide rungs with semi rigid reinforcements facilitate the boarding.