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Magic Mat E9
Magic Mat E9

Magic Mat E9$410.00 AUD

fixation on the eye of the top of the ladder,2 echelons facing each other at the summit constituting a platform,alternate steps L15 x P5 cm reinforced by a batten,spacing of steps of 40 cm,fixation on the eye at the bottom.Materials :
polyester webbing,reinforcing battens 18/10 polyethylene ladders.Mast Ladders - Magic Mat - 9m
Dimension: 900 cm Weight: 3.64 Kg

the concept:The Magic-Mat is the simplest and safest solution to climb the mast alone. Alternate rungs and a "platform" at the top, all reinforced with polyethylene, ensure optimum comfort and safety.Tools Oceans designed Magic-Mast: a solution for all sailors, runners and boaters, who must climb in their mast. This mast scale is a response to 3
S:S as Simple : Hoist, stitch, ride: easy to use, just adopt the technique of coconut tree to climb into the mast and change a fire or place a wind vane. Easy to store, scale the ladder after use to store it on the boat
S as Alone : Nobody needs: the technique to install the ladder and climb to the mast does not require any outside intervention. The navigator can go up independently, on land as at sea.
S Sure : Flexible materials and accessories for any challenge: the mast ladder is unbreakable. Equipped with harness and anti-fall, the navigator is sure not to fall
.Hoist, Ride, Ride

The Magic-Mast ladder is the simplest solution to climb alone in the mast. Alternate rungs and a "platform" at the top, all reinforced, ensure comfort and optimum safety.The ladder is available in lengths of 3.7 or 9 meters and comes in a large storage bag. It is designed to be extended (2.3 and 7 meters) and thus adapt to the height of your mast. You can do your work such as changing a rope , work in the spreader bars, fix a wind vane, thanks to the complementary equipment: the work harness and the fall protection which both guarantee absolute safety.USE THE MAT SCALE :Easy to use: simply tilt with a winch on the front or rear of your mast. It is used both at the port, and in sailing with the sails.A ladder for each boat: whatever the height of the mast, you will find the right length by combining the ladder and its extensions.The mast ladder "MagicMât" gives you maximum security, with the harness and fall protection: you can ride alone without anyone having to make sure the deck without any maintenance: it fits easily in its bag, being 100% synthetic. After a long stay, without maintenance, in the coffers, it will be in perfect condition of use
Options: this set is completed by the harness work and its security system: anti-fall