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Coffee Pods- Italian
Coffee Pods- Italian

Coffee Pods- Italian$35.00 AUD

Lorenzo Pods

Our Italian espresso coffee pods feature premium coffee that has been perfectly pre-ground, pre-measured and pre-tamped then sandwiched between two pieces of antibacterial biodegradable filter paper: no grinding, measuring or tamping required.
This blend is 100 % Robusta so quite strong

Our Espresso pods enable anyone to produce rich, creamy espresso consistently and conveniently without guesswork or mess.

Each pod is individually wrapped for freshness.

Our espresso pods are clean and neat with very little to clean up, once your espresso is brewed, simply remove the pod; no wet, messy ground coffee to clean out of the machine portafilter.

100% biodegradable

Once used, put the pod in the wet waste, it does not pollute the environment.

These are sold in boxes of 50 for your convenience

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