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BAB'So$135.00 AUD

The BAB'So is for all sports and outdoor recreation practitioners: surfers, sailors, kayakers, hikers, cyclists, climbers, runners ...

1 storage bag made of:1 tube closed at one end in high visibility fabric for the conditioning of the flame,1 end seam stopped at 5mm for drainage,1 opening / closing tab with Velcro,1 flat elastic 12mm for holding on wrist or ankle,2 Velcro velvet patches and 1 hook Velcro patch,1 Velcro tab hook / velvet removable for adjustment,2 additional velcro strips for fixation or splint.1 floating flame consisting of:1 high visibility fabric triangle Orange standard EN471,2 retro-reflective bands at the periphery standard EN471,1 sheath at the bottom receiving 1 flexible and rigid mast. 2 end tabs with retro-reflective tape,1 transparent double pocket with 2 phosphorescent tubes and a reflective band "SOLAS",1 transparent double pocket with fabric "mirror",1 transparent double pocket for identification and medical information labels,1 lifeline sewn at the end in connection with the sheath,1 cord tied with whistle without ball,1 sewn label of trace ability.
Materials :
Orange high-visibility polyester fabric in accordance with EN471,50mm silver microbead reflective tape,reflective tape "SOLAS" 50mm,Transparent PVC 30 / 100th,mirror fabric,polyester rope 2mm orange,1.5mm polyester cord for whistle,self-tie bands hook / velvet orange,phosphorescent tubes.New safety and survival equipment BAB - Kit BAB'So
Dimension: N / A Weight: 0.08 Kg

New safety and survival equipment to be seen, heard, recognized!
Device for increasing the distinction of a person in distress.System without network or battery, it is light and compact ( less than 80 grams ), reusable, activates in less than 10 seconds and increases the visibility of about 150 meters .Adaptable to a wide variety of sizes. Attaches anywhere (wrist, ankle, equipment)