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Anti Seagull Rail
Anti Seagull Rail

Anti Seagull Rail$35.00 AUD

This product can be used on any kind of surface, balustrades, roofs, air conditioning unit etc, so not just for the boat, but anywhere you would like to keep the birds away from

StopGull® Riel is a deterrent device that is effective on all birds that are a nuisance. Its effectiveness is derived from its base, the swivel element. StopGull® Riel is versatile and easy to install with industrial adhesive. It can be placed on any surface and/or structure (i.e. radars, warehouse roofs, moldings, exterior facades; even on outdoor equipment such as air conditioners, machinery, industrial cranes, and port cranes.

Each section is 40cm long with 5 Stopgull swivels attached. Very light and easy to install almost anywhere with glue, tape or screws. They come in a pack of 5


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