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Stogull S-27 Swivel piece
Stogull S-27 Swivel piece

Stogull S-27 Swivel piece$70.00 AUD

StopGull ® S/27
The S/27 swivel piece is made by a polymer dyed in mass, it has a UV treatment and for marine environment without possibility to do damage to the birds. Owing to its great versatility, it can be placed with safety and effectively on any part of your boat due to the swivel piece, it doesn't have any metal component and it doesn't cause any interference to electronic devices and is suitable for all surfaces. Placed strategically, it prevents gulls and coastal birds from sitting on places like the mast spreaders, top of mast, radar arch, radar antenna, radio- telephone aerials, streetlights, buoys or in harbour facilities.
These come in a box of 12 in a range of colours