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The RT ULTRA line originates as a

custom product for TP52 ships and

it has been tested on the C.C.Aniene 1a Classe

(the European and Italian ORC 2012 winner).

This line is the Racing development

of the RT REGATA line,

but its elements are lighter, contained in the size, and

they can bear extremely great loads by the textile fixing

which is central relative to the load.

Thanks to their special design,

blocks can also be used as a becket.

The trellis geometry makes the passage of the fixing loop

easier, so the head becomes completely released.

The lateral openings allow the loop binding.

The Torlon rollers and the aluminium sheave, silver

ion-oxidized, grant flowingness and maximum duration.

Two holding cages for Derling balls absorb lateral


In RT ULTRA, such as in the primary line RT REGATA,

the two cheecks are internally interlocked

so that they can totally release the fixing screws strains

and assure resilience and duration

beyond expectation.

technical characteristics


ALUMINIUM alloy 6082T6, machined from

a single piece and anodized

Trellis profile, in order to grant multiple texile connection


ALUMINIUM alloy 6082T6, turned from

a single piece and anodized


Made of TORLON to absorb the primary load


Double cage of DELRIN balls

to absorb side load


AISI 316 STEEL hub and screws.

Electric insulation between steel and

aluminium in order to forestall

possible galvanic corrosion events