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X3M Flyght blocks have been designed for supporting extremely heavy weights, with a beneficial load/dimension/weight proportion.
These blocks combine technology, functionality and design.
They are uniquely designed for the employment with textile fixing(included).
In the 3XM FLYGHT blocks, the load is maintained in the middle releasing both the primary and the traversal loads on technopolymer bearings which allow high loads, even statics and no maintenance.
The unidirectional covered dyneema loop acts on an aluminium/inox body (optionally in aluminium /titanium), where the bearing is located.
All the aluminium elements are silver ion-anondized, in order to prevent bacterial loads or moulds on the loop.
The body made of POM.C. resin, carries the rigging and holds the loop, thanks to a velcro strap.
The block is fitted by a steel plastic covered T-bone (easily removable), in order to protect the boat from hits and keeps a safe stable lock.
This product received the Quality Design Award at the Sea-Tec in Carrar.

structure and sheave

Made of AISI 316 STEEL (optionally in TITANIUM) and

ALUMINIUM alloy 6082T6

silver ion-anodized

All machined from a single piece


Made of POM.C RESIN, moulded to contain the rigging


Made of technopolymer , assuring very

high performances. No maintenance is requested


Unidirectional covered DYNEEMA® loop

AISI 316 STEEL T-Bone, with

removable plastic cover (SAFETY-BONE)


Brand strap with a VELCRO® lock