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anti Seagull for Bimini 260-320cm
anti Seagull for Bimini 260-320cm

anti Seagull for Bimini 260-320cm$150.00 AUD

Bimini tops are common perching points for coastal birds. Therefore, when birds find a Bimini they tend to sit on it over and over again. As a consequence, the Bimini top gets worn down, becomes covered in dropping and collects leftover food. StopGull® Bimini breaks the entry protocol of the birds who perceive the moving object as an unstable and possibly dangerous landing spot, thereby eliminating the accumulation of hazardous droppings.

StopGull® Bimini is fastened to the Bimini tops when collapsed and secured by strips and safety locks. It is made with an acrylic canvas and comes in seven colours and sizes range from 150-320cm
Please remember to state the colour you are after in your notes