Jiber TX

JIBER-TX is a structural jib furler suitable for composite and textile forestay. It can be fitted on every cable and furlers and it allows every boat to be equipped like a modern ocean solo racer.

JAVELIN AND SHUTTLE ALUMINIUM alloy 6082T6, machined from a single piece and anodizedFREE TACK SHUTTLE Bearing system by UBI MAIOR ITALIA®OTHER AISI 316 and 17-4Ph STEEL hub and screws

The jib can be hoisted and dropped every time and the halyard tension can be adjusted continuously, as in a traditional jib furler.The advantage of this innovative system is the absence of the classic foil, which means less weight, less drag and less sag on the forestay, meaning a faster, higher and easier sailing. The furling system can be configured as single or continuous line, over- or under-deck. JIBER-TX is a patent of UBI MAIOR ITALIA®.

Technical details
The measures indicated are the minimum and maximum range. For the single product's details see the catalog

BOAT LENGHT 37-45 ft / 65-85 ft MAX WORKING LOAD 1000-25000 Kg BREAKING LOAD 20000-50000 Kg WEIGHT 1600-4200 gr