Ubi Maior Italia- YC Range

Designed for the new generation of increasingly performant cruisers, the blocks in the YACHT CLUB series follow a new lay-out, which foresees the use of shackles to be fixed, and are guaranteed to meet the highest strength, versatility and design criteria. The whole block is made to the highest resistance and reliability standards as each component is manufactured by machining and no structural parts are cast or molded.
YACHT CLUB is the block range designed for large application for both, cruising and fast cruising sailing yachts For its characteristics and load capabilities, the Yacht club range guarantees the high performances usually found in high range products. For this reason, UBI MAIOR ITALIA® blocks give the best value for money.
This range is developed on a new layout that provides for the use of crickets or textile loops. The entire block fits the high standards for resistance and integrity because it is machined from billet. No single element is molded or melted, and the high-density aluminium 6082T6 cheeks are used even if they normally are on higher level models. The pulley is machined from billet too, made of derlin, and manufactured by turning. During the turning process, a shaped cage is produced using the profile of oversized derlin spheres. Pins, screws, and shackles are all made of AiSi 316 steel.

CHEEKSALUMINIUM alloy 6082T6, machined from a single piece and anodized
SHEAVEMade of DELRIN turned on a bar lathe with a ball-shaped cage
BALLSMade of DELRIN, oversized in relation to the norm
OTHER AISI 316 STEEL hub, screws and shackle Electric insulation between steel and aluminum in order to prevent galvanic corrosion