My Yacht is proud to be the Australian importer and distributor of the Stopgull range, the only comprehensive bird deterrent range in the marketplace at the moment, it is a finalist in the METS best invention of the year 2014 which is the largest Marine parts show in the world.


StopGull ® has launched the definitive system to prevent gulls sitting on your motor- boat or sailboat, with a wide range of products. StopGull ® bases its product range on swivel piece S/27 without any chance of harming the birds.

Seagulls and other birds, spend much of the day in coastal areas, seeking the highest point to sit and establish its control area, returning again and again to the same place, in this case to the same boat. And what are these high points on the boats? The bimini top, handrails, masts, radar antennas, radio telephone, navigation lights, etc.

To avoid this situation, StopGull ® bimini, breaks their entry protocol to deter their landing from the bimini top. And if your boat doesn't have bimini top, the highest point may become bow handrail or cockpit's cover. To deter them from sitting on these elements you can install StopGull Air on your handrail, or your canvas.

For the sailboat and to prevent seagulls from taking off from the top of the mast, you can also install the swivel S/27 individually without any problem for the electronic devices as it doesn't contain metallic elements. All StopGull ® products are protected from UV and have no parts that can corrode over time.

Have a look in our shop to order the Stopgull products, or contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor.
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This is feedback from a very happy customer in Melbourne
`Just wanted to touch base on this again. I was out on the boat Sunday (Father’s day fishing trip) and am pleased to report that your Stop Gull is still going strong. Since our last chat we’ve two gale force storms out of the north (one particularly nasty one with 100km/h+ gusts). I’ve lost another gull sweep off the bow and plan on replacing with the Stopgull when she comes out of the water in a months’ time. You have a genuinely good product that appears very well engineered. I took a moment to check it over thoroughly as my biggest concern is the plastic eventually wearing itself down at the point of rotation – I can see no sign of this. The unit appears in good health and I see no reason why it wouldn’t continue spinning for a long time to come.'
Detail Pro marine: This stopgull has been up for over 5 months installed on the 28th November 2015 and 3 saturdays nights ago we had 100km + winds at #royalbrightonyachtclub#not#blownoff#still#on#by#suctioncupmount#stopgullair1. 8 if you a bird ???? problem on or vessel we have a answer and the product #problem#birds#wind#melbourne#portphillipbay#yatchs#slipway#powerboats#management at